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Color: White

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Size:57cm x 2cm

The old faithful of the lanyard industry. The classic polyester imprinted lanyard is still the best in class for economy and customization needs. Available in several colors and with any fitting these promotional lanyards can be printed to suit your requirements.

Polyester is a perfect choice for your business if you are looking for a bold way to showcase your company, logo and/or print requirements. Our 20mm polyester lanyards feature a large print zone due to the flat surface area which gives maximum print coverage. Polyester printed neck lanyards also have a popular shiny finish that really grabs the attention of onlookers.

Polyester is perfect for more complex prints that include fine detail, due to the tightly woven textile base. We always recommend polyester for complicated logo designs or print requirements that require a large amount of detail.

It should be noted that while polyester possesses a smooth, shiny texture. Don't let this deter you though, our polyester lanyards look amazing and when compared to alternate materials,polyester can be much more vibrant in regards to color. White polyester (for example) appears shiny and attention grabbing and when paired with a bright colored screen print, the material really stands out. Although we have a massive range of color options and all of these decisions need to be made - don't stress - we are on standby to help you make the right one! Just reach out to us for samples, feel free to ask questions or email us for all-inclusive quotes and information at any point.

Product Specifications:

Lanyard Material: Thick & Heavy-Duty Polyester

Includes: Short Release Clip,Safety Release Clip