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FOREVER Multi-Trans Metallic

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Color: Gold

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Print Black and Get Gold or Silver!

1-Paper-System for Printing Metallic colors onto White, Black & Colored Mugs as well as many other surfaces.

No Cut - No Weed. With the new FOREVER Multi-Trans Metallic Gold and Silver, you can now bring a little style and luxury to Mug printing as well as many other hard surfaces.

How does it work?

The new innovative Multi-Trans Metallic Gold & Multi-Trans Metallic Silver transfer papers work the same way, except that they print single-color Silver or Gold on any color hard surfaces (including black) e.g.: Ceramics, Acrylic Glass, Metal, Wood, Glass…

Impress your customers with something new and unique! All you need is a cheap Black & White printer!

  • Print your design on to the Multi-Trans Metallic Gold or Silver transfer media
  • Fix the design to the application
  • Press the design to the application
  • Peel the transfer paper once it is cold.
  • Done.

The FOREVER Multi-Trans Metallic heat transfer paper is a specially-coated toner transfer paper intended for smooth surfaces onto items such as wood, metal, leather, ceramic, and stone. It transfers only printed toner in a seamless layer with no background to your surfaces easily and smoothly, and the media's wide range of transfer compatibility allows you to beautifully decorate a multitude of items with your own custom printed images! This media has also been tested and formulated to run flawlessly within the award-winning OKI Data laser transfer printer line!


  • Capable of self-weeding transfers onto hard surface items, such as wood, metal, ceramic, magnets, and more - not intended for textiles or fabric goods
  • New & improved transfer base allows for greater molding to uneven surfaced items
  • Compatible and tested with the OKI printers.
  • Size: A3 and A4 
  • Quantity: 100 sheets/pkt 

Before You Buy:

  • We highly recommend the use of a heating pad for best application results.
  • Due to the toner used in HP and Brother laser printers, we do not recommend using this paper with those printers. Printers that have a fusing temperature above 180 Centigrade will have difficulty printing onto transfer paper and may experience jamming within the printer.
  • As with most transfer papers, customers may need to go through a trial-and-error period in order to find the heat press settings and pressing process needed to achieve best results.