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Transfer and capture the vibrant color potential of CMYK graphics on uneven, heat-sensitive surfaces with FOREVER Waterslide Decal Paper! This specialty cold water transfer paper is perfect for transferring images on to hard, non-flat surfaces, including candles, ceramics, glass and more! Waterslide paper can be used with standard white toner printers.



  • Capable of applying custom transfers to heat-sensitive surfaces
  • Paper size: A4
  • Paper weight: 130 gsm
  • Cold water transfer paper
  • One-paper system for application with CMYK printers
  • Two-paper system for application with white toner printers (requires special A-paper sold separately)
  • Compatible with ceramics, glass, candles, cardboard, plastic, wood and more
  • Packaging includes 100 sheets per pack


Transfer Instructions for CMYK Printers Using 1-Paper System:

  • Print un-mirrored onto the glossy side of the Waterslide HT paper.
  • Cut around the picture as exactly as possible.
  • Place the transfer in water for 30 seconds (paper will roll up).
  • Rub it carefully between the fingers in order to remove the carrier tape.
  • Position the transfer onto the application and remove any air bubbles (use your fingers or a squeegee).
  • Remove leftover water before allowing it to dry for 3 hours.