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Dye sublimation is a great option for those who are seeking high quality photographic results. Feel free to make your artwork as complicated as you want, because there are endless possibilities when using dye sublimation!
In fact, did you know that it is possible to sublimate onto Textured Glitter? Well, in the past, the answer would be “sorry”! Thankfully, those days are gone!
Combining sublimation and our Sublimation Glitter opens up new avenues in decoration. Now, designs will never be the same!
If you currently sublimate, call us and get your hands on some Glitter – there’s no limit to what you can create!

Perforated printable glitter heat transfer vinyl is a printable heat transfer vinyl that leaves a sparkle, glittery finish on virtually on various fabrics. Perforated printable Glitter is ideal for printing full-color graphics on garments such as party apparel.
Please Note: Color may vary on different computer screens. We guarantee that the color of the product will be an exact match of manufacturer's color chart.


  • Cut just the shape of your design on our printable Glitter using a plotter.
  • Print the sublimated graphic of your design using a sublimation printer and transfer paper.
  • Heat press the glitter shape to your garment for 5 seconds at 180°C.
  • Peel the carrier from your glitter while it’s hot.
  • Lay your sublimated design over the top of your glitter shape.
  • Cover with a cover sheet and apply heat. Sublimation usually requires a high temperature and a long dwell time such as 200°C for 45 seconds(Depends on you sublimation paper).

After application, peel away the transfer to reveal your awesome design.

Technical Specification:

  • Available Sizes:210mmx297mm(A4),298mmX420mm(A3)
  • Sheets/Packet:50 sheets
  • Made in Korea