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Color: WHITE NB021

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Nylobag NB inks are for direct printing onto nylon bags and many other synthetic fabrics.

Nylobag NB inks have good adhesion and flexibility on many nylons, polyesters and other synthetics. Certain fabrics may be finished or impregnated with waterproofing agents which may impair adhesion even a considerable period after printing.


Air drying: 30-60 minutes followed by racking overnight. Convection oven: 100°C for 2 minutes.

Thinning & Wash-up

Up to 10% ZE805 Nylo Thinner. For maximum opacity, print unthinned. For hot shop conditions, use up to 10% ZE806 Nylo Retarder. Wash up with Seriwash Universal Screenwash or Actisol Superjet Screen Spray.

Stencil Type

Most solvent resistant types are suitable. Recommend: EMULSION PLUS7000


High Opacity. Good Flexibility. Excellent Wash Fastness. Excellent Adhesion. Lead-free Pigmentation.

IMPORTANT: Stir well before every use. Before a production run, users should satisfy themselves of ink and fabric compatibility to ensure adhesion and fastness requirements are met.