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Polydyne YD is an ink with excellent adhesion to untreated and pre-treated polypropylene and polyethylene sheets and injection mouldings.


Certain grades may be impregnated with lubricants or mould release agents which, through migration, may impair adhesion even a considerable period after printing. It is essential to check compatibility between ink and plastic to guard against any possible problems.

Polydyne YD is not recommended for use on either untreated or pre-treated blow moulded flexible and semi-rigid containers such as washing up liquid bottles.

Product Resistance

Polydyne YD inks have resistance to a number of household and industrial products, including battery acid, bleach, washing up liquid, sodium hydroxide and motor oils. However, before commencing production it is recommended that inks are tested in conjunction with any chemical with which they are likely to come into contact. Polydyne YD may be used on polypropylene binders. Polydyne inks are not recommended for outdoor exposure applications.